Home for all your Money

  • Bofin is the new community platform to solve the problems traditional banks can’t fix.

  • Access all your finances on one screen, in any currency.

  • Get a UK Current Account in 2 minutes. No credit checks. No proof of address.

  • Your money, solved. Business and personal, home or abroad.

Why Bofin?

We’re tired of banking. The barriers, bureaucracy and exclusive deals. The truth is, we don’t need banks anymore.

Bofin is not a bank and never will be.

Banks are loyal to a license. Bofin is loyal to you. We work hard to give our Bofin community benefits usually reserved for corporate giants. And our community is open to everyone, everywhere.

How Does it Work?


Download and sign up

Download the free app. Sign up using your email or phone. Connect all your accounts and cards on one screen. View all your finances in any currency.


Get a UK Current Account in 2 minutes

Open a UK Current Account or Director's Account from anywhere in the world, all from your phone. No credit checks. No proof of address.


Enjoy Bofin

Pay anyone, anywhere, instantly, with the blink of an eye. Track your international finances in real-time. Manage your money without borders. For business or pleasure.

5 Reasons to Say Goodbye to Banking

  • Banks invest your money to pay for their license. We invest our money in you.
  • Got used to hidden fees from your bank? Let us show you what 100% transparency looks like.
  • You travel and work all over the world, but banks can’t keep up. We believe in money without borders.
  • Banks use a legacy system, designed for banks. We’ve built our platform around you.
  • Traditional banks need time, paperwork and credit checks just to open an account. We need 2 minutes and the blink of your eye.

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Business and Personal, all your Money Sorted.

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Transparent Pricing Guaranteed

With Bofin, what you see is what you pay. No hidden fees.

  • Connect all your accounts on one screen for free.
  • Get a Personal UK Current Account for £10 a month.
  • Get a Director's Current Account for £30 a month.
  • Pay no more than 2% on any international payment.
  • Never get stung with a hidden bank charge again.

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