Open a Personal UK Current Account. No proof of address.

Say goodbye to the same old barriers of international banking.

Open your Bofin Current Account from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re in Brighton or Barcelona, you’ll have a UK Current Account in a couple of minutes. And a VISA debit card in 3 working days.

Brexit? We Bringit. Free UK to Europe transfers.

Pay any account within the EU for free from your Bofin Current Account.

We believe in money without borders. Bofin is built so you can manage your finances the same way you live and work – borderless.

Get a Director's Current Account in 2 minutes. No credit checks.

Business owners need a current account that makes things easy and quick, because we’re damn busy growing our empires.

If your company is registered at Companies House in the UK, you can set up a Director’s Current Account in 2 minutes. No paperwork, no fuss.

Within 3 days, you’ll get an internationally accepted, Bofin Visa Debit card for your business. It’s that easy.

Connect all your accounts and cards on one screen.

Connect every bank account and credit card you have with the free Bofin app. Link accounts from every country in the world from the palm of your hand.

No more switching between banking apps and different logins. Manage all your finances on one screen, in whatever currency you choose.

Pay anyone instantly. With the blink of an eye.

Bofin has the fastest payment system you can get. We offer genuine, reliable, instant payments, every single time.

You spend your life moving between countries, currencies and time zones. With Bofin, your finances can keep up with you.

Whether you’re moving your money around or making a payment, Bofin gets it done in the blink of an eye.

Make your payments personal with photos, greetings or messages.

Be more social when you pay your friends and family. Stay connected with your Bofin community.

Personalise payments with pictures and messages. Send a selfie with the money you owe. Or simply add a message to say hello.

Experience the most advanced face ID security in the world.

Bofin uses the world’s most advanced facial ID technology that lets you, and only you, inside your account.

Secure each payment you make with a selfie, and the blink of an eye. Your money will always be secure because, well, you can’t fake a face.

Speak to a human 24/7. Whenever you need us.

Speak to our team 24/7 on the phone, via email, or with our online chat.

Things happen. Plans change. Cards get lost. When you’ve got an urgent question about your money, you need to speak to a person, not a robot.

The Bofin customer support team works around the clock to cover every time zone you live between. Get on with your daily hustle, knowing there’s always a real person there to help.

Experience 100% transparency. Say goodbye to hidden fees.

The age of hidden fees is over.

With Bofin, the price you see is the price you pay. No more hidden fees. Just a fixed monthly fee and no more than 2% charge on international payments.

Let us show you what 100% transparency looks like.

Create sub-accounts for your family with your Bofin Current Account.

Do you come with a crew? The Bofin family account means you can easily keep track of shared expenses, pocket money and travel costs.

Create spending caps to minimise those little financial surprises that come with family life. Keep an eye on everyone’s money, all on one account.

Enjoy simplicity and calm. Your family’s finances are all accounted for.

Block or unblock your card instantly. Whenever you need to.

When you lose your debit card, every second counts.

Block your card with a couple of taps from your Bofin app. Lost your card but found it again? No problem. Unblock a reported card instantly and get on with your day.

No phone calls, no security questions, no problem.

See real time balance updates on your international finances.

Bofin is designed for people like you, who manage money on the move and have no time to waste.

See your balance and transfers update in real-time. Stay on top of your incoming and outgoing finances. No surprises.

Pay another Bofin contact for free in seconds.

Make a Bofin to Bofin payment in seconds, anywhere in the world.

Your phone will sync with your app to tell you which contacts are already in the Bofin community. No need for bank details. Just click, blink and pay across the globe.

Add invoices and attachments to your payments and transfers.

Attach an invoice to a payment in a couple of clicks. Or add a tailored message when you pay a client.

Add receipts or reminders to transactions to remind yourself what, where and why you made a payment.

Keep track of your sales and expenses.

Got more than one business? No problem.

Open an account for every business you run. Access each account from the same screen. Save time and stop switching accounts.

Streamline your operation and manage all your businesses from one place.

View your accounts and balances in any currency you choose.

You live across multiple borders and currencies. Bofin lets you access your money in the same way. Choose any currency to view balances, transfers and account information.

No more working out exchange rates between international currencies. Manage your money without borders.

Pay no more than 2% on any international transfer.

You’ll pay no more than 2% on international payments, transfers and top-ups.

We’ll always tell you how much you’ll pay, before you pay it. And we will never make money from transaction fees. The charges just cover what we have to pay.

Sync your contacts with Bofin and pay with a couple of clicks.

Your app will automatically sync with your contacts, so you can pay family or friends in a couple of clicks.

Pay a Bofin contact in seconds, with the blink of an eye. And it won’t cost you a thing, wherever they are in the world.

Categorise your spending across every account.

See all your incomings and outgoings for any selected period. Categorise and compare your expenses.

Keep track of every account you use, in every country you bank in. And see your total in whichever currency you choose.

Move between accounts and currencies seamlessly. Keep track of every transaction, from every country, all under one roof.

The best friend for your team’s business expenses.

Create sub-accounts with your Bofin Business Space. You can order a VISA debit card for everyone on the team. No more signing for every payment or sharing the company card between your team.

Give your team access to business expenses without hours of office admin. Stay on top of how the expenses are being shared. And discover patterns in your team’s spending behaviour.